Thursday, September 18, 2008

Urbane Adventures - Queens Borough Tour

Friends, Fans and the Epicurious,

Until now, the UE has inundated your intellectual and visual palette with tales and photos of some of the most exquisite food and experiences from the most rural parts of the United States to some of the most clandestine and luxurious parts of the world. While Taste and See has been a great outlet for readers to kill time at work, enjoy food vicariously, or even sneer at, it has yet to draw in people into the total food experience. The headline of the blog “Taste and See” can be and should be interpreted many ways. In that spirit, the UE would like to extend to his fans the opportunity to participate alongside him, in a day trip adventure into the great food unknown, to be able to personally Taste and See what scintillate their own palettes.

The UE will lead a group of the willing and courageous into the depths of Queens, NY, to explore the fabled Jackson Heights. Jackson Heights is the home to most of the world’s ethnic cultures, with pockets of the hardest working and best cooking people hailing Southeast Asia all the way to Latin America. Quiet naturally, Jackson Heights has become the unofficial epicenter of some of the finest flavors in the city.

So, if you are daring, if you are open to new flavors and experiences, and if you will be in New York, get $20 in cash and a Metrocard and meet the Urbane Epicurean at 42nd Street and Lexington, high noon on Saturday, September 20th for what promises to be an unforgettable experience!

Bon Appetit!
The UE


lemnada said...

I'm so there!

wild cowgirl said...

...i completely missed this

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