Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Around the World in 40 Meals

I love food – the smell, the taste, the look, the ambiance. I love food so much that I have often toyed with the possibility of disappearing from my current stable and lucrative position in search of a position in a faraway Northern Italy kitchen.

I heard this quote recently, at the tail end of a 6-week stint into beard growing, globe trotting, and food demolishing. It was spoken by my
new hero who might possibly be the embodiment of me save for one decision to do business instead of food. “It is through food that the people of the world embody and interpret the sum of their cultures”. It inspired me to reflect on the underlying meaning of the statement – do regional foods say something about a culture? Such a complex question surely had to be debated in an academic forum such as Taste and See.

-The UE

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