Monday, September 8, 2008

The UE Returns!

Friends, fans and foodophiles~

After months of waiting, and countless visits to the site, your favorite verbose culinary author has returned, invigorated from world travels, and 10 lbs heavier.

So as an appetizer, the UE would like to share with you his most recently made meal. It was a design generally of his own, though the recipe for the broccoli was inspired by a recipe seen in Food and Wine.

This meal was significant for 2 reasons. The first, the UE has never made a great tomato sauce from scratch. That is, until now. Taking to heart that the Italians refuse to use anything less that quality, the UE gathered the most exquisite tomatoes, and fresh herbs chopped by his own hands, to combine into a tangy tomato sauce.

The meatballs were veal, and the meat course, rib of lamb seared in an iron skillet. Broccoli browned in olive oil and garlic added the final touches to this presentation.

The second reason - the UE felt so compelled to make this meal that neither work nor sleep could stop him from arranging this small feast. When someone is passionate, hell nor high water will stop him.


-The UE

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