Monday, July 11, 2011

Escaped from Under My Rock. Back Again for the LAST Time...

I know it's been a long time since I've written anything on here. It's a plum shame. Between triathlons, recovering from triathlons, and traveling here there and everywhere in between, I lost my focus on this blog. And now, as fate may have it, I am facing my final days in the city that inspired me to even begin this journey.

But fear not my friends! As we approach the last days of my NYC existence, and consequently the last days of new posts for this blog, I will engage your minds for one last time. I have found a few "Lost Posts", which were written almost 2 years ago. I guess I just forgot about them...or thought they were too personal at the time.

But stay tuned, here they come!

- The UE

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