Monday, January 21, 2008


I am happy to introduce myself as a fellow food fanatic. I’m in my early twenties (slightly younger than UE) and currently residing in Atlanta, GA. I come from a distinctive background, grounded in family and friends. Born in Trinfo de la Cruz, Honduras I moved to Houston, TX at the age of seven. My mother who is a master chef has always instilled in me a love for cooking. However, I’ll admit that I ran away from this heritage until college where it subdued me and I finally succumbed. In retrospect, I realize that the gift was always present. Frankly, I was not comfortable with the social roles tied to females who cook well and often. In my attempt to exercise a silent protest, I quieted a bit of myself. I’ve since learned to forge my own path understanding that cooking was always my kindred friend. It is the ultimate amalgamation of my passion for exploration and my need to take care of others.

Currently I am working on a project to help an academic institution become a designated comprehensive center. I genuinely enjoy what I do and it’s impact on the world. My future is boundless. I have every intention of continuing to lead a deliberate life, one that savors the details. My fiery Latino personality is enveloping; I savor each morsel of life, hence, my name “Sabor”.

Those who know me consider me to be quite an anomaly. I’m odd and not afraid to admit it. Over the years, I’ve been able to cultivate a discerning palate. Growing up eating mostly Latin American food taught me to discriminate subtleties in a sea of powerful flavors. Ergo I can enjoy the delicate undertones of a chile. Through time, new experiences have afforded me the opportunity to translate that knowledge to other cuisines.

You currently find me in an inquisitive stage. One filled with learning and great exploits. Aside from eating and cooking, I greatly enjoy reading and actively learning. My mornings are quite ritualistic. Waking up at 6am and starting my day with a cup of tea and steel cut oatmeal (w/berries and honey). Followed by reading my bible and prayer. I’ll admit that sometimes I skip to the second part of my morning (I am a work in progress). Secondly, I read the morning newspapers: The New York Times, BBC news (only highlights), and The Washington Post. The latter is my routine from 6-8am.

Now back to food. The road to my heart diverges into many paths still the straightest road is paved with fine cheeses. I absolutely fancy cheese: Brie, Queso fresco, Stilton, Manchego and Gruyere the list is far too long. Ports are also dear to my heart closely followed by butter (real butter). You can conclude from this that my spirit enjoys certain indulgences. I adore food and it’s many layers. It’s simplicity and complexity bring joy to my belly. Food is a vital part of my life serving to strengthen my relationships with my family and friends. I hope to now be able to share that love affair with you.



The Urbane Epicurean said...

Welcome to the TnS experience!

viridiansun said...

"Latin American food taught me to discriminate subtleties in a sea of powerful flavors"

:::sigh::: questioning my sexual preference... kind of in love with you.

welcome indeed mama!