Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Intro Into My Soul!!!

To be rapt is to be deeply engrossed or absorbed.... when I cook I forget the world around me. The aroma rising with every swift move of my chef’s knife through the herbs of life. Hmmm... it’s like I can breathe again. With every dash of salt, drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, flavors melt and marry together to make nothing short of the ambrosia of mortal souls. On occasion I get so swept into my world of pure bliss I forget things, forget I started with a recipe and end up with a creation of passions.

Need I explain my enthusiasm? Some think of me as a rapt enthusiast because I have a certain outlook on life... but life does not exist unless you have the proper fuel to keep the engine going. Some people think it’s just about nourishment, that you must eat certain things to survive but it’s so much more than that. You don’t put regular gas in your Mercedes McClaren!!! NO NO... You must quench your machines thirst with nothing but the best to keep it happy, to keep it motivated, to prolong its existence. The body is much the same. People who take the time to appreciate the flavors mother earth has given us live their days in bliss and end their days wanting nothing more because they found their happiness here on earth... THEY LIVED!!

Is food all I know? Not at all!! In fact I am an intellectual, an up and coming socialite, a hopeless romantic, and a seeker of challenge/change. I am currently studying Philosophy with an emphasis in social justice (ethics). I volunteer my time as much as I can, make my way to those events assisting in my growth as a person both socially and intellectually, I cry everytime I watch The Notebook, pout whenever I watch an old Cary Grant love saga and I take on as many challenges as I can. I’m not an over achiever, I just appreciate the fact that life truly is short and I vow to make it as long as possible.

So how does food fit into my life? Everything I do comes back to my love of taste. Think of me as "La Artista Culinaria" (L.A.C.) I cook almost every night and if you ever have to look for me... chances are I’m in my kitchen (or someone elses :-) ) Food is the cure to all ailments and it is my sole purpose in life to cure as many people as possible.

- L.A.C.

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Simone said...

LAC what a piece, a dish taht could be served cold or hot and still leave a flavorful taste in your mouth. Well done.