Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Drop the Fork and Step Away from the Table!!!

My demon for the week has been my inability to put my fork down. I know when I've eaten more than my fill. All the studies and science I have read over the years has given me the right perspective on portion control, the calories in any food, and even tips on tricks on how to help yourself stop eating when you know you should be full but your body hasn't recognized it. But can you ever just eat 2 forkfuls of tiramisu?!

Who came up with these farcical rules anyway? What masochistic scientist decided that we only need to eat 2,000 calories? I mean seriously, who only wants to eat half a scoop of ice cream? When did it become important to watch things like “sodium” or “blood sugar”? Has anyone out there actually ever SEEN a “cholesterol”?

But in reality, these things do matter. I, myself, have been recently reminded of my own predispositions to mortality in certain food areas. In moments such as those you have to ask yourself if a piece of silky, entrancing, tantalizing tiramisu worth risking the magnanimous future you have yet to create, or the regal family you have yet to see reach their fullest potential? Sometimes it is (have you been to the Palm???)…but oft times it’s not.

Everyone has areas for growth. If you take an honest inventory of your character within and find areas not up to par, it shouldn’t be a cause for shame. We all want to be better versions of ourselves. But, for change to stick, you need to admit there is a need for change and seek the help and support requisite to ensure success in your evolution. Well, I am admitting that I need to work on acting when I know I'm full and my body just hasn't caught up with my brain. I am a human, and sometimes I need help remembering when to drop the fork and walk away from the table.

- The UE

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