Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Big Apple BBQ

All too often, backyard barbecue goes wrong, especially in New York. People often mistake grilling, when you toss some meat on some coals in your Weber (direct heat), for true barbecue, which should be prepared with some form of smoke (indirect heat). People around here just don't get it. Arguably, the most disturbing image that has repeatedly appeared in NY is the sight of a group of men with pink sweaters thrown casually over their shoulders, huddled around a small grill on their fire escapes, holding Heinekens, purring with manliness. Something about that just doesn't sit right...

But if you are good, brush your teeth and clean behind your ears, then once a year the stars align, time stops, and the Barbecue Gods bless this barren Yankeetown with the rural fixins of the lands below the Mason Dixon line. That's right people - it's BARBECUE FESTIVAL TIME!!!!

Join me this SATURDAY, JUNE 13TH at 1PM in front of the Flatiron Building (23rd and 5th) so we can stuff ourselves to our heart's content.

Some of the best pitmasters from Kansas City, Memphis, South Carolina, and of course, TEXAS, will be in attendance to treat our stomachs with everything from fatty, juicy brisket to fall off the bone ribs.

The festival only takes cash, so please keep some in pocket. I have a Fast Pass, so if you give me money, we can just skip some of the lines.

See you Saturday!

-The UE

PS - Southern Style Medicine (aka Bourbon) will likely be provided :)


D Feltsman said...

Can't wait.


lemnada said...

should i bring bibs ? :P

Grace said...

Dearest Brian,

oh how i wish i could come visit you in nyc. sad i missed the festival too. and thank you for your kind and inspiring comment on my blog. i HOPE i'm on the verge of genius! that's better than insanity right? weird how the two often seem to go together. le sigh... thanks for rooting for me. i appreciate you caring. call me sometime. i miss you.