Monday, February 16, 2009

Urbane Adventure - Brooklyn Video Slideshow


Lou said...

Looks like I missed out on good times and good eats!

and cute boys?!?!

Ouleye said...

I hope I'm in NYC one of these times! You've created a cleaner version of the "Taste of Chicago" right in my home state of NY :-)

wild cowgirl said...

this is my JAMMMMM!
*sidebar...someone introduced the song to me by emailing me the video. and the subject line read "oh pam, you'll love this imagery'
...and i was so offended. because it was just contemporary folks trying to look like hippies...on acid trips. like they went to urban outfitters and got some accent pieces from what goes around to style the retro...(but not so retro at all) look. it hurt my feelings that someone would align that imagery with me.

so naturally, i hated the song.
but since then i have heard it (with no visuals)...and its such a pleasure.
...that was a lot. i know.

annndddd...your friends are lookers.
i wasn't offended at all during the slideshow.
actually, quite the opposite. excited a bit.