Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It

I am a Texan. Period. No debate, fuss or lack of cowboy hat will make it otherwise. As a Texan, there are certain things towards which I will always have strong affinity - rodeos, bull riding, Pat Green, the Southside (fade, dance and side of town), Polo, speakers in my trunk, lifted trucks...the list could go on forever.

But I have recently realized that the last few years in NY have saddled me with the
weight of compromise. The disgusting and disturbing lack of options has forced me to ignore my innate needs for well seasoned beef slow roasted over hickory wood, delectably diverse renditions of traditional dishes like potato salad, or hell, even a Shiner Bock! I was forced to hand in the most important and defining aspects of my Texan Citizenship - barbecue and nachos.

Appalling as it sounds, I only recently realized this atrocity while in the pursuit of personal progress and finer cuisine. It began with a reminiscing of a time long ago, back when I lived on a quiet street and drove to school in my own car. I was hit by the epiphany that for years, I had been settling for sauce drenched brisket and wings because these Yankees were either ignorant of what true Texan bbq was, or tried too hard to create an "authentic" experience, failing miserably, and leaving a wake of heartbroken southerners distraught, dragging behind them their forks and steak knives.

So when I was granted the opportunity to return to my homeland for a few days, I charged myself with a mission – to reclaim my lost Texan, no matter what the cost. I did a small bit of reading, and a large bit of reminiscing to properly plan and prepare for the perfect places to patronize and satiate my desire for true Texan flavor. With a more academic understanding of the history and techniques of my favorite Texan foods, I approached each day with a renewed vigor and revitalized spirit to appreciate all I had taken for granted growing up in the pine trees. My Mission: Burrito

**This message will self-destruct**

-The UE


Anonymous said...

Good luck Fat-boy! Looking forward to your next post

Anonymous said...

Why're u going to TX? Other than for BBQ and Burritos?

lem-n-ada said...

Bring some back if it's any good!