Friday, February 1, 2008

Whats the Wurst That Could Happen?

Radegast, also called Radigost, Radhost, Redigast, is a hypothetical West Slavic god of hospitality, fertility, and crops, associated with war and Sun. It is also an amazing bier garten in Williamsburg (in the far, FAR away land of Brooklyn). Now I had my doubts about several things in this place – the location, the menu, the focus on German beers – but this Epicurean is now a believer.
Rosemary turkey burgers are without a doubt the wave of the future. Radegast offers an amazing in-house horseradish mustard that isn’t totally overpowered by rosemary’s strength. Their selection of sausages is unmatched, with an amazingly sweet sauerkraut to match. Understand that cabbage is so far outside my normal taste range, but this sauerkraut was so perfectly matched with the weisswurst we ordered, I couldn’t stop chowing down. Their menu is what would be expected of a beer hall, with a nice, clean grill and very friendly staff. The bartenders were generally friendly and helpful, and the location was very well designed. I sampled a few of the beers, the most notable a Westmalle tripel trappist beer (trappists are brewed by Belgian monks, very exclusive and only 7 in the world), which was a myriad of fresh flavors, a bit fruity with a complex taste.

The food – great. The beers – superb. All an all, I give this place an A. Definitely worth the passport stamp to Brooklyn.

-The UE


viridiansun said...

ROSEMARY TURKEY BURGERS!!!! I need more info NOW. Matter of fact, just hook up that reservation for me. Next Thursday. Table for ONE b/c i'm not sharing! thanks.

btw, I had Austrian food for the first time about a month ago. A little place near BAM in Brooklyn. I'll have to find out more later. It was delish!

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